Monmouth Mobile Home Park is able to boast of having several high quality amenities, such as city water, city sewer, and natural gas through PSE&G. Safety is a primary concern for our residents in Monmouth Mobile. Traffic safety signs and the 15 mph speed limit are enforceable by the local police department, and the renovated children’s play set and basketball court. There is a known correlation between general park appearance and the value of a home. We know that the overall appearance of Monmouth Mobile is important, and we hope that our showing will establish how others look upon us as a community. Our personnel takes pride and joy in this community, and it is evident by their effort in both floral arrangements and seasonal displays. The Township of South Brunswick is a growing community with increasing employment opportunities. They offer an excellent school system with an award-winning high school and a sensitive special education program.  With a well-equipped police department that has won federal and state awards for its Crime Prevention Program, and fire departments and first aid squads employing dedicated professionals, the Township of South Brunswick is a healthy and safe place for a community to grow and thrive.