Unlike our competitors, Monmouth Mobile Home Park prides itself on its strong feeling of community spirit, and its engaging staff that are immersed in community events, and are active members of township activities. MMHP also enjoys a convenient location, being located near the flourishing commercial district, which offers both entertainment and job opportunities. Our park is also equipped with all sorts of entertainment, such as local parks and nearby attractions. 

Most importantly, our resident’s safety is our number one priority. That’s why when it comes to incidents, we’re proud to count on the local police and fire department, both of which are compiled of professionals dedicated to the preservation of safety. Our fire department and first aid squads are highly trained and well equipped, along with our police department, which has won several state awards for its crime prevention programs. Rest assured, Monmouth Mobile Home Park has everything you need, including everything from entertainment to safety. 



What makes our sense of community so vibrant and interesting is the level of diversity within Monmouth Mobile Homes Park!


Our goal is to establish a sense of community here in MMHP. That’s why we have events such as trips to the Ice Shows & Atlantic City, a Holiday Tree lighting Ceremony, and even an Easter Egg hunt throughout the park!


Our staff stops at nothing to accomplish the highest quality of care for our residents. That’s why our staff is always acceptive of any questions you might have, and are completely immersed in community events. 


When it comes to our residents, your safety is our priority. Thankfully, our local police and fire departments consist of dedicated professionals committed to the preservation of your safety.