The mobile homes in our community provide a less expensive alternative to entry-level housing than either a condominium or an apartment. They also provide a unique living style reminiscent of a small town. MMHP sells mobile homes that vary in size and price. Please contact our sales office @ 732-297-2051 or to set up an appointment to see a home or for more information.

Currently For Sale       

Address                           List Price        Bed/Bath

10 Maple Street              $30,000.00           2bdrm/1 Bath

30 Texas Ave                  $30,000.00            3bdrm/1 Bath   SOLD

15 Maple Street              $55,000.00            2bdrm/1.5 bath SOLD

36 Robin Road                $30,000.00           3bdrm/2 Bath SOLD

26 Kohl Street                 $25,000.00           2bdrm/1 Bath SOLD

22 Maple Street               $30,000.00           3Bdrm/ 1 bath SOLD!

2 Kohl Street                   $25,000.00           3bdrm/1 bath SOLD!

11 New York                    $15,000.00           2bdrm/1 bath SOLD!

18 Robin Rd                    $15,000.00           2bdrm/1 bath SOLD!

54 Robin Road                $45,000.00           3bdrm+/1bath SOLD!

4 Palm Street*                 $70,000.00           2brdm/1.5bath SOLD!

41 Jersey Avenue            $29,000.00           2brdm/1bath SOLD!

14 Maple Street               $25,000.00           2bdrm/1bath SOLD!

17 New York Ave.            $55,000.00           3brm/2bath   SOLD

*Financing Available!

Custom built homes are available in a variety of sizes and floor plans.  Please contact the Park Office for more information.